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Increase web site traffic with ExchangePilot's free manual surf exchange. You may join and earn free web site traffic or purchase web site traffic with our monthly packages. * Free Signup

  • 100 Bonus credits for joining
  • 100 Text Ads for joining
  • 100 Banner Ads for joining
  • Convert your credits to banner and/or text impressions (to be seen throughout the site and surfbar)
  • 50 Bonus credits for each verified referral
  • Surf 5 pages to activate signup bonus credits
  • 2:1 Surf ratio
  • 20 Second timer
  • 60% Referral surf bonus over 5 levels
  • Promote 5 Websites
  • Rotate 5 Banners
  • 20% Credit storage
  • Convert credits:
  • 1 Credit = 5 Banners
  • 1 Credit = .5 Text links
  • IP Check cheat protection
  • Get notified when new referral signs up
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Surf 10 pages answer a simple question and receive 10 extra credits
  • Watch for the bonus link (click on it and receive 50 extra credits)

What Is

This is a manual surf exchange. Advantages of this kind of surf exchange against autosurf exchanges are that Your sites will be viewed by the real visitors, they see Your site and after 20 seconds must click on a randomly selected number or color link to continue surfing. With a 20 sec timer You can earn 1 credit for every 2 site views. Earn or purchase web site traffic and targeted visitors. Covers all kinds of web sites and allows You quality targeted visitors to your web site.

General: one account = one popup, popunder or exitexchange per site. No hate, no racism, no pornography, no abuse and no warez. Members who break any of these and other rules listed under Terms, will be deleted without notice. Read Terms before You join.


Purchase web site traffic.
Monthly Packages!

Have a look at the types of web site traffic packages we offer for you to purchase! Our packages are very affordable, and have huge benefits.

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