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Your customer service here at TIB is outstanding! Every time I send an ad or recommend for one of my team members to advertise here, literally hundreds of leads pour in every time! Many of them have resulted in signups. I'll be advertising here forever and never run out of leads! My business is exploding because of it!
Lise MacFadden

Thank You So Much For Doing What You Could. I Love Your Site The Response Is Crazy I have Never Used anyone that even came anywhere near what you Have! I am Directing My new Members To You!

Thank You
James Kemp

Hi.. This is about the order you assisted me with at TIB… I am getting signups and orders today that are directly due to taketheinternetback… Looks like I will be reinvesting my advertising dollars here and no where else..… So far its grand… Thanks…Man I wish I had opened my eyes to this sooner… I guess I never realized the potential .. I am hooked

Dear TIB,
I wish to thank you all for your faithful work in sending out my ads. The response has been great and it shows that TIB attracts quality people. You have always been on time with everything and very helpful and understanding with any question I have asked. Thanks again and keep on doin it. TIB is my best source of advertising. Nothing I have done brings more response. Should you choose to put my note in the window, even without a site url is fine with me. Please do as you wish. TIB is the best. I hope others see that also..
Howard Hagans

I have been promoting this website now for several weeks now, firstly as the eVo website which was in (pre) pre-launch and now as uVme (in pre-launch) which is the actual named site. My business has grown steadily over the last few weeks and is increasing quite dramatically as each day goes by. I must thank all of you there at TTIB for your help in this wonderful advertising platform that we have open to us members!
David Bird

Trust me I really do appreciate all that you do, you are amazing ok. I guarantee this company will be a huge success in the near future we are already but not too long from now the advertising revenues will hit millions of dollars, and the reason is simply because of the great personal service that you provide, it's definitely onward and upward for this company. Thank you so much and you are a nice contact as well ):

You're awesome!
I appreciate your courteous and prompt customer service so much! Do you ever sleep?
Each time I advertise with you I get loads and loads of splashpage signups which ultimately result in signups for everyone in my co-ops! I just ran a personal ad for myself a few days ago for my Travel business and I cannot believe the response I received - it was just a $55 ad and I received over 50 responses so far directly to my autoresponder list and more are coming in as I write this.
Even if I didn't advertise anywhere else I would still be able to build a strong Travel Network team just from this list. I placed another larger ad yesterday! Thank you again for your great service - I'll be placing more orders very soon.
Lise MacFadden

Good Advertising Program! Thank you for helping my business skyrocket to the stars! Keep up the good work! And see you on the Top! I look forward on using the service again!

I imagine the ad was sent as I have had a great response – if I repeat will it go to different people or the same?
Is there a way of knowing when it is sent etc?
Thanks & God bless

And let me just say that you guys are awesome! The fact that you took the time to email me back and ask the question shows a HUGE amount of customer service.
As they say, "God is in the details!"
Jason T.

Hi there!
Yes, I know you sent my email, I've gotten many sign-ups for my product/company today. This is the best thing I've ever spent money on to build my business!
Thanks for creating TIB
Cathy K.

TIB is a super advertising medium. Better than any other I have tried, in recent years. Taking advantage of the introductory $25 for 5,000 offer, I submitted an ad. Returns are still coming in, but in less than two days, I have 87 referrals. Fantastic!
Ed B.

This has got to be one of the best programs I have ever come across! I have been in the marketing business for less than a year and I have tried a few things here and there. By far I can most definately say that TIB is the best i've seen for results! I would recommend your services to anyone! There is great communication between admin(you) and owner(us)! Thats what makes a good business great! Keep up the good work! And most of all, thank you!
Warmest Regards,
Mark Pake

I just wanted to say that this system rocks. The traffic to my website has been awesome and I have already signed a couple people up into my program. This is the best advertising I have ever used and will continue to use.

I am already getting hits to the tour taker pages and people writing directly to me for more information.
As far as initial response goes this is the best response I have received in over five years on the net.

I will certainly be purchasing more advertising in the future.
It looks like we have a very powerful tool here,
Thank you.
Bryan Hedges
CEO-STI & Unific Traders, Australia

Just a quick line to say a very big thank you for doing the 5000 special advertisement. I've never had so many hits to my website before in such a short space of time. The affiliate sign-ups have been phenominal and I look forward to using your services again very soon.
Many thanks
David from Lottshop

I have been a full time networker for over 15 years and have earned incomes of 10k to 30k PER WEEK! Needless to say I have done a lot of advertising ! We just did our first small test with you and were blown away by the response rate! Your members read our e-mails! We are placing another order today! Thanks TTIB for the great program & service!
Kevin @ Network Brokerage

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